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Antistatic Additives
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Antistatic Additives

The Iscastat Zap range of products stands out as an exceptional solution for effectively dissipating static charges in carpet tiles. Employing state-of-the-art technologies and chemistries, our products showcase a remarkable proficiency in neutralizing static charges, thus ensuring heightened safety and protection of sensitive equipment.

The Iscastat Zap product line boasts an impressive capacity to rapidly and consistently dissipate static charges that commonly accumulate within carpet tiles. By providing a comprehensive and efficient approach to this prevalent concern, our Iscastat Zap products play a pivotal role in upholding electrostatic equilibrium in a variety of settings, making them the ultimate choice for elevating safety and functionality in spaces with carpeted surfaces.


IscaStat ZAP

Key Product

Iscastat ZAP 8044


Carpets & Textiles



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