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Flexographic coatings & additives

Innovative coatings, developed to order.

Over print varnishes

High gloss over print varnishes or base resins used in formulations of scratch resistant coatings.

Surface primers

Highly adhesive resins used to prepare hard to print surfaces for reception of water based inks.

Wetting agents

Additives to increase wetting and penetration on hard to coat surfaces.

Water repellents

Additives used to create hydrophobic effects on boards and paper.


Wide range of print applications.


From cosmetic preservatives to world class thickeners, the Iscaguard and Aevum-Vita family of products are renowned worldwide.


Our in-house fully equipped laboratories and team of experts are at hand to service our customers and industry partners.


From aviation to speciality coatings, the ISCA family of products and our technical services are acclaimed across the world.

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ISO 14001
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ISO 9001

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