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Iscastat ZAP

Antistatic additives

Antistatic additives for carpet tiles.

Iscastat ZAP

Our range of Iscastat ZAP products are carefully engineered for the best performance in all applications. Aqueous anti-static agents for use in the production of electrically conductive carpets / carpet tiles.

Iscastat ZAP 8092

Low viscosity and low alcohol grade antistatic coating, suitable for spray applications.

Iscastat ZAP 8044

Standard grade anti-static film forming coating with low levels of isopropanol.

Iscastat ZAP 8069

High isopropanol grade antistatic coating with increased penetration of difficult to wet hydrophobic substrates.


Antistatic products for multiple applications.


Antistatic for carpet backings.

Carpet Tiles

Antistatic for carpet tile backings.


Various industrial applications, contact us for more info.

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ISO 14001
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ISO 9001

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