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Antismut 100 - Jar3N

Jar 3N - Antismut 100

Anti-smut 100


Anti-Smut 100 is recommended for use in all types of nitric acid etch solutions (for example, etch inspection of high strength, low alloy steel parts)


Excellent stability with nitric acid.


Inhibits smutting on the surface of the part during nitric acid etch inspections.


Liquid product that is easily incorporated into nital etch solutions.

JAR 3N - Antismut 100 is an innovative anti-smutting additive that is widely used in the Aerospace and allied industries.

The product is added to Nitric Acid - Alcohol (Nital) etch solutions to prevent surface smut formation during the non-destructive testing of steel.

Used for the inspection of aircraft parts by maintenance crews around the globe, Antismut 100 (JAR3N) provides a high level of performance for a highly demanding application.

Data Sheet
Technical Specification for Jar 3N - Anti-smut 100
Appearance Clear amber liquid
Colour, 20 % in water < 250 Hazen
pH, 20 % in water 6.0 - 7.0
Viscosity, @ 20 °C < 150 mPas
Density, @ 20 °C 1037 - 1057 g/cm3
Pour point ~ 0 °C
Clear point ~ 0 °C
Solubility Fully soluble in water

Nital Etch Formulation

A basic example composition for a temper etch solution would be as follows:

• 0.5 – 5% v/v Nitric Acid
• 3 – 5% Antismut 100
• Water (to 100 %)

ISO 14001
ISO 14001
ISO 9001
ISO 9001

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