Flame Retardants

Phosphate Flame Retardants

Iscaflam rangeIscaflam® phosphate based flame retardants come in various forms (liquid solutions, solid powder additives, ready to use coatings/paints). We have flame retardants that are suitable for use in almost any application and we work with our customers to formulate end products that will meet their specific requirements with regards to flammability and certification.

Phosphate Fire Retardants

We have a range of phosphate blends and specially designed coatings or additives which can be tailored to individual customer's needs. We also supply standard phosphates from dry powder Ammonium polyphosphate (APP) for adding to master batch, to Resorcinol Bis (diphenyl phosphate) (Iscaflam RDP) as a liquid alternative that can also be used as a flame retardant plasticizer.