Flame Retardants

Development of Tailored Fire Retardants


We welcome customers with specific flame retardant requirements to approach us with details of their projects. We develop bespoke products for industrial applications in our 3 fully equipped laboratories to meet relevant British Standards.

Previous projects include flame retardant coatings for wood, cardboard, plastics and tent liners. We also have experience developing additives for screen printing ink, plastics, carpets and MDF.


Flame Retardants Background

Fire retardants are additives that are incorporated into materials to help prevent fires from starting (by providing resistance to ignition), or to delay the spread of a fire, thus allowing more time in the early stages to either extinguish the fire or escape it. Additionally, fire retardants can also act as smoke suppressants to limit the amount of aromatic compounds released during a fire.

Today flame retardants are used in a multitude of products such as consumer electronics, textiles, carpets, curtains, bedding, furniture, paints, plastics, timber, adhesives, construction materials, cellulose insulation, and so on.

For each application the flame retardant should be selected according to the substrate used, level of performance and longevity requirements. Increasingly, environmental concerns, legislation and health and safety issues are also having an impact on selection criteria.

Isca UK has a long history in the development and supply of flame retardants across a wide range of industries. Our standard product range includes both powdered and liquid flame retardants, water based and non-aqueous, durable and non-durable products, smoke suppressants, intumescents, halogen free and phosphate free systems. In addition, we also offer tailor made products to suit our customers’ individual requirements. Our proven track record of R&D and technical service ensures that our customers are provided with innovative, cost effective, easy-to-use products that meet all relevant British and European fire standards. Iscas experience in developing custom products has enabled us to become one of the leading flame retardant companies in the UK.