ISCA UK is a leading manufacturer and distributor of speciality chemical, focused on Preservatives (Biocides) for the cosmetics industry and flame retardant additives and formulations for paints, plastics and coatings.

From our custom-built laboratories, we offer a complete technical support service: providing formulatory advice, product development (including microbial challenge testing for cosmetics), indicative flammability testing for flame retardants, and general product stability testing and evaluation.

Our comprehensive range of products are also used in textile coatings, carpets, personal care products, sealants and adhesives. Based in Newport, South Wales, we have extensive warehouse facilities throughout the UK and Europe – enabling us to offer prompt deliveries from stock, as well as a full export service to overseas customers.

With the help of our experienced sales team and customer service staff, ISCA has built a reputation as a professional, flexible and reliable supplier of high quality, cost-effective speciality chemical products.