Explosive Emulsifiers

After years of research in speciality emulsion technology, ISCA UK has established itself as a supplier of high performance emulsifiers to the mining industry.

One of ISCA’s key strengths over existing suppliers is our independent manufacturing facilities, capable of producing over 3000 tonnes of Polyisobutylene Succinic Anhydride (PIBSA) based emulsifier per annum.

Synthesising PIBSA based emulsifiers in-house allows ISCA to tailor surfactant head-group functionality to suit each of our customer’s specific needs. It also enables our customers to specify their required product attributes such as viscosity, activity level and overall cost.

In addition to offering one-to-one consultancy to develop PIBSA emulsifiers for individual customers, ISCA also offers a range of off-the-shelf products.

Our current range of ISCAMUL products include reacted Polyisobutylene Succinic Anhydride based emulsifiers which incorporate next generation surfactant head-group technologies. These emulsifiers create stable ammonium nitrate ‘water in oil’ emulsions that are suitable for the production of both packaged and bulk ANFO explosives.

The ISCAMUL technology allows for stable emulsions over a wide range of environmental conditions, and are suitable for use with chemical gassing agents (e.g. sodium nitrite) or glass bead sensitization.

The emulsions can also be transformed into heavy ANFO blends by addition of porous ammonium nitrate prills, without compromising the emulsion stability.