Amide wax based rheology modifiers with thixotropic behaviour

Why use Iscathix SR?Iscathix® SR is a 100% active, organic amide based rheological additive, suitable for use in a wide range of coatings. Unlike hydrogenated castor oil based products, Iscathix SR is very tolerant to strong solvents and high process temperatures.

Product benefits

  • Very resistant to seeding and false body effects
  • Excellent sag resistance / pigment suspension properties
  • Improved brushability
  • Minimal gloss reduction
  • Improves storage stability, even at elevated temperatures
  • Ease of incorporation

ApplicationsIscathix® SR can be used to impart thixotropic behaviour into a wide range of systems, including: general industrial coatings, 2K epoxy primers and top-coats, 2K polyurethanes, chlorinated rubbers, thermoplastic acrylics, 2K isocyanate-free acrylics, road marking paints, high solids systems, floor paints, adhesives, sealants, etc.

Physical/Chemical Characteristics
Property Result (typical)
Appearance Fine off-white powder
Bulk density 0.51 g/cm3
Density at 25 C 1.0 g/cmcm3
Melting point ~ 125 C
Particle size 99 % < 25 microns


Iscathix® SR should be incorporated during the pigment dispersion stage of coating manufacture ideally, using high speed dispersing equipment. When appropriate temperature and shear conditions are obtained, a dwell time of 20 - 30 minutes should be observed. The activation temperature for Iscathix SR will depend on which solvents are being used, but should be within the range 40-65 C.

Use level Recommended level of addition: 0.5 2.0%, calculated on total formulation.